Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Hunter!

I can hardly believe this guy is 11 years old. He is growing up and he is such a wonderful son! Happy Birthday Hunter! We love you so much!

Science Fair

Hunter with his friend T. Standing in front of their science fair project. It is a mini model of a digester. Can you guess who worked on this? As Hunter's friend T says - Brad did 50%, Sarah did 25% and we did the rest! :o)

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!

After the Easter Egg Hunt.

Hunter and his friend T.V. also hunted eggs.

Easter Sunday 2010
He is Risen! He is Risen indeed!
We went to our friends, the V's, for a great time and wonderful Easter Lunch. Plus an egg hunt for the little ones! Had a very nice day. We are missing our Family and Friends.

Samantha, Hunter and Tucker. Wow - my kids are looking so big.

The Easter Bunny left treats!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Ski days

Hunter and Brad on the Chair Lift at Pomerelle.

Hunter Getting ready to Snowboard. He has been about 3 times this year and is getting good at it.

I will Listen in Class

This was a consequence for Samantha for "Continued" talking in class. She is my little Social bug - Like Mother like Daughter.

TaVaci Performance

Samantha is in the Tavaci Performing Arts Group here in Jerome. She does a lot of singing and acting. She is liking it - but after this performance - she has decided that she wants to go back to Dancing.

Sam & Hershey

Chamber Ribbon Cutting - Sarah is back to Work!

I have started LogoMotions back up from Idaho. I joined the Twin Falls Chamber of Commerce. These pictures are from the ribbon cutting ceremony.

50's Day @ School

Sam with friends from school - Shh......the boy next to her is quite "smitten" with her. Already - in 1st grade - stay away little boy!!!

Looking so pretty!

Sam - Cheer Camp

Sam - posing! She is such a doll!

Sam said it was hard to hold this girl up!

Doing a cheer.

Sam is far left.

Sam attended a 2 week long cheer camp at our school - put on by the Magic Valley Christian School cheerleaders. She had a fun time - they performed at one of the MVCS basketball games. Sam says even though it was fun - she doesn't want to be a cheerleader.

Hunter - Basketball

Hunter - Basketball Season 2010 - Jerome Recreation Center
"They took first place at the end of the season - Lost only 1 game of 6! Hunter did so well this year. My boy is growing up.

Taking an Elbow to the chest.

Love his face in this photo - a little blurry - still learning how to take action shots.

Tucker is Playing Basketball

Tucker - Basketball - Jerome Recreation Center - 2010

Not sure what he is thinking - but love the look!

Tucker is so proud of himself - The other boy in this picture is Tucker's buddy and neighbor - also a twin!!

Tucker - taking a shot under instruction from his coach!

Tucker - Dribbling. One of his favorite things to do.

Tucker had a great time playing basketball. I was a bit nervous to put him on a team - but he wanted to play so badly. He did great - he spent a lot of time on the court cheerleading, waving to Mom and Dad, running off the court to hug Mom and Sam, and taking the ball from his teammates. But - he was having a great time - isn't that what it is all about!

My friend Ty

Samantha and Ty

My Best Friend Tyler!

Friends for Life

Hunter and Jordan - These two have been friends since Hunter was 2 hours old! Jordan was 6 weeks.

Hunter, Erin, and Jordan -

Jordan - Hunter - Erin