Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Board of Directors

Well, I didn't make it a year, as I said that I would before I became involved in any volunteer activities.

Our school, Canyonside Christian School, had 3 positions open for the Board of Directors. Now, I did think of it myself, but let it go away quickly and didn't think of it again. But....I was nominated by other parents at the school. Brad was also nominated, but he is so busy with work that he could not accept at this time. So, I accepted the nomination, and have been voted to be on the board. My first meeting is October 6th and I will find out what specifically I will be doing. I am very happy and excited for this new opportunity to serve the Lord and the school. I really need this in my life - serving others - and have missed this so much since I left Washington. Plus, I am so grateful for all they are doing and have done to accomodate Tucker, so that he can go to school just like any other kid with his Brother and Sister and so that we have a normal school life.

Okay Friends and Family - I know you are saying "I knew she wouldn't make it" - I did come close to the year - October 11th will be one year since we moved here. :o)
If you want to learn more about our school the website is http://www.canyonsidechristianschool.net/

Tucker's Aide Miss "M"

Miss "M" and Tucker playing "Go Fish". His new favorite game. And.........look at him holding the cards all by himself. He has just begun to do this.

I Love you Miss "M". Thanks for all the things you are teaching me and helping me to do!

Miss "M" and Tucker at School - Her 1st day with him. Notice the hands behind his back. He does this when he doesn't want to participate, and yes, he doesn't want to practice his writing (the sheet in front of him). Writing is still a huge obstacle for him, but my little boy is trying so...........hard. And, he is finally tracing the letters. At the beginning of the school year, he would only circle the letter. Yeah Mr. Tucker!!

Miss "M" has started going to school with Tucker and so far, 2 days in, things are going great. He is becoming very attached to her and is asking for her all the time. The transition is going well. On Monday, he kept looking at her throughout the morning, confused as to why she was at school with him, but then today, he asked if she would be there when he got there, so he's got it down already.

Also, other great news today, our school had their IRI testing (Idaho Reading Indicator) and Tucker scored a 3, with reading 46 letters in 1 minute. A 3 is the highest on a scale of 1 to 3 for the most read letters. I was very proud and very impressed. We have had the testing sheet all summer so that we could get a head start on it, and it is wonderful to see that it has helped him so much.

We are so blessed to have this opportunity to have Miss "M" in our lives right now, and to have all the services that we are getting. Tucker is doing so well and he is really learning and growing. This boy will not be left behind........he demands to do all and be a part of everything. I am loving his spirit!! We are starting 3 therapy sessions a week, aside from Miss "M", Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy. I am afraid that this will be chaos trying to get to all these appointments, but I only have until February 2009 on Medicare, until I have to requalify again, and if he continues to do so well, then he might not qualify, so we have to take advantage of it all right now.

So, onward we go, and we are so grateful for the opportunity. God is so Good!! Thanks to all of you who have prayed for a smooth transition. We appreciate it!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hunter is Playing Football this Fall!

Hunter - landing a catch!

Notice in the background - Coach Brad in the tan shirt. I am so glad that he is coaching. The kids really listen to him. This was his first game on 9/13/08. And they Won - 24 to 20. The name of the team is The Giants. (The kids in White)

Look at Hunter blocking (the one in the Orange Socks) This is so his game. No fear of the other boys.
Hunter over to the right in orange socks. I will try to get a close up at the next game of him and his coach. :o)

And, here is Little Brother Tucker so...........................not interested in the game. He did not want to be here and all he kept saying is "Go Home!" He is laying and looking away from the field.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Great News to Share! 9/10/08

I have been working all summer on getting Tucker a developmental aide to attend school 1/2 days with him, to help in keeping him focused, assisting with his writing and other fine motor tasks, as well as helping him with his social behaviors and peer interactions. (This summer Tucker was approved for Medicare, opening the doors to us for many services we have never had). It has been a battle (small battle, I must admit - just very long and time consuming), but today, with one phone call to the right person, we are now approved to have his developmental therapist attend school with him from 9-Noon every day! I, and the teacher and the principal are very excited, as this will only benefit and help Tucker so much more than the Teacher currently does. She starts 9/22/08. Yeah - I am so grateful!

I am hoping that Tucker will transistion well to having his Therapist "M" attend school with him. They currently spend time together 2 to 3 days a week after school at home or at the therapy center. This of course is much more fun than they will be having in the classroom. Please say your prayers, if you are so inclined to do so, that this transistion goes well. Tucker loves "M" and loves to spend time with her - I am just hoping when it turns to not all fun and games, he will still love to be with her and respond accordingly. I will keep you posted on how it goes.

My beautiful children - 1st day of school!

Sorry to brag - but wouldn't you agree they are so beautiful. All smiles for the 1st day of school.

The kids are attending Canyonside Christian School again this year, from 815 am - 245 pm. The twins go Mon - Thurs, and Hunter Mon - Friday. We love Canyonside and are so blessed to have this school here. They are so willing, and so accepting to have Tucker at the school. To quote the principle, he has said that they are willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure Tucker's success. Wow - you won't find that in most private schools. Praise be to God!

And, to say the least, Mom is very glad to have the kids back in school and to get back in to our routines. It is much quieter around the house during the day. :o) I must confess, that there have been times that I have missed them terribly during the day, but only for a second. :o)

Mom is very proud of you three and loves you very much!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

First Day of School - 8-26-08

My Pretty Pink Princess Samantha - 1st Day of Kindergarten.

Sam - making a Heart because she LOVES school so much!

Oh yeah - it's the first day of school.

I'm ready for Kindergarten Mom.

This year Samantha and Tucker are each in their own classroom. I decided to separate them to benefit them both. Samantha spends so much time mothering Tucker, that I decided that she needed freedom to become herself, and she is LOVING it. There is only one other girl in her class of 9, and they are getting along great. Sam is so independent, smart, eager, and thrives on following the rules. (She is so much like her older brother)

Tucker - 1st Day of Kindergarten

I'm ready to learn Mom!

Tucker has grown up SO MUCH over the summer. He is attending the same school with Hunter and Samantha, all day! In a typical classroom. He is doing wonderful. His class has 9 students in it and is participating in all areas. He has tested out at grade level with his "Typical" peers. His delays at this time are mostly fine motor (writing, cutting, tracing, and drawing), however with this being the 3rd Week of school, he has already begin cutting on the lines, tracing his letter worksheets, and assembling his art projects with little assistance. I am so PROUD of him. We have worked so hard on his writing thoughout the summer, and I am now seeing the benefits of it. He is writing is name with little or no assistance too! Being the smart boy that he is though, he is writing Tuck instead of Tucker. I think this is so funny and very smart.

School is Cool!

Off to class! Bye Mom.

Hunter is in 4th Grade this year. I can hardly believe how old and how big he is getting. I still remember taking him to preschool for the first time. I remember he wasn't embarassed to hug and kiss me before he left me. Now - we have to sneak it in in the parking lot before all his buddies see him. We are 2 weeks into school, and 4th Grade is proving to be a bit more challenging for him. Lots of homework too! Hunter has a male teacher, which he loves. He is a great teacher too! Very spiritual and instills great social behavior and manners in his students. He is also very strict and has high standards for all students. Hunter is up to my chin in height and only 9 years old. In a couple of years I might be looking up to him.