Friday, February 27, 2009

Update -

Hello Family and Friends - I know - I have not been very good with keeping this blog updated the past month!

Life is busy and crazy right now. Here is a run down:

Brad - He is very busy with work, as usual. Spring is coming - so his mind is on ALL the things that he can do with the house and yard this year.

Sarah - Very involved with the Kids School right now. Took on the role as their Marketing Chairperson, along with being on the Board of Directors. Working parttime still. (Wow - really partime - seems like overtime) Keeping up with the kids and activities.

Hunter - Just started last quarter of school. Working and studying hard. Lots of homework for 4th grade. He is doing well, academically, in school. Just finished Basketball. We are done with sports until Football. There was mention of wanting to play soccer - but hoping this passes, as it is usually early AM and it is so cold and windy. If you recall the post from last year.

Samantha - Excelling and becoming a teenager more and more everyday. Yes, she is only 6! She is anticipating being a flower girl in her cousins Wedding in April and Washington.

Tucker - He is doing excellent in School, still has Miss "M" as his Aide. He is growing and becoming such a big boy. He, too, will be in the Wedding in April.

That is a fast and furious Update. We are looking forward to returning Home to Bellingham in April, and will get to stay for a week. We are going to try and see and/or call friends as much as possible. This will be a busy time with the Wedding. All in all, things are going well. Miss so many of you!!

I will try to be better on posting - Bye for now. Love and Hugs to all of you we love!

Valentine Donuts 2/13/09

I think the picture says it all!

Notice the teeth missing - she just lost a front tooth, and soon another will be gone!

Valentines day at school.

Go Badgers - Undefeated Season

Hunter - Basketball Picture - Jan 09
Isn't he getting so big. Hard to believe he is only going to be 10 in April!

During Practice - I don't have any game pictures. I am too busy watching the game to take pictures. His team, The Badgers, received 1st Place - they were undeafted for the season! Yeah!!

Flower Girl in the Future

Sam's Fitting of her Flower Girl Dress. She is going to be in her Cousin Breanne's wedding in April in Washington. We can't wait - this means we get to go home for a week!

Thank you Breanne for asking me to be in your wedding! Tucker is going to be in it as well. He gets to wear a Tux. I promise lots of pictures afterwards. They are going to be so adorable.

Swimming - 1/29/08

Tucker jumping off the edge - The kid has no fear - For those of you who know Me - I was jumping off the edge too - of my seat! But, he has learned how to do this and does fine! So eventually I relaxed.

Sister and Brother - Gotta love these moments.

Hunter playing catch with Grandpa outside of the pool.
Twinny Binnies - as I call them!
Sammy is finally getting the hang of floating - look at her face. She looks scared.
The kids are swimming at a Hotel Swimming Pool. Grandpa and Grandma Weg stopped in for a quick 4 day visit on January 28th. They stay at a Hotel right by our house so the kids can swim when they are in town.

Flat Stanley Came to Visit - 1/28/09

Tucker and Sam welcome Flat Stanley. Thanks R.H. for sending him to Idaho. We had a lot of fun showing him the sights!

Like the Elk outside of Sportsman Warehouse.

And, the Famous Perrine Bridge with the Snake River below.

And, we even took him swimming!
Sammy took him to school with her one day for Show and Tell and Mrs. N. read the story to the class. They were all so excited to have Flat Stanley in class for the day.

Free Gas - 12/29/08

One of my favorite pictures of Brad - I absolutely love it when he is being funny! Notice the shirt that he is wearing - Says Free Gas - he's imitating the guy on the shirt. Remember was his job is - Building Digesters for the Dairy Industry - Makes Manure into Methane Gas. Ha-Ha - I know what you were all thinking! :o) Notice the Boys below.

They too are so SILLY!

12/27/08 - Christmas Break Surprise

Our best friends arrived in Boise - The kids did not know. They were SO...........excited. I had told them that we were going to Boise to see an exhibit - when we arrived - the exhibit wasn't ready - so we waited, and waited, and waited - (the plane was delayed)! Then, finally, they walked through the gate. Hunter figured it out - but still was very exciting. They stayed with us for a week!! Thanks for visiting! We love you and Miss you!

Sam and Tyler - Getting Pretty to be Princesses!

Oh My - They must have spent an hour in the Bathroom applying their makeup!

And........WOW............Are they ever so beautiful! (You can see why it took an hour :0))

Jordan and Tucker - So cute!!!