Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bye Lucky!

(See post below)

Tuesday - 1/20/09 we received a call from the Owners of Lucky. We are all so sad!

Before I agreed to let Brad bring Lucky home to the kids I had called all the shelters in the area. They had asked my name in the event someone called in. I gave it to them with my number, thinking the dog had been missing for at least week, so probably no one would call. I was wrong.

Lots of tears were shed yesterday afternoon, and it was so.........hard to break the news to the kids. They are doing okay today. Hunter is still very sad. We keep trying to tell them that it is a good thing for Lucky (aka Drake) to be back with his family, whom also has 3 little kids. They don't quite agree right now, but they will. We sure miss him. We got attached so quickly - he is a wonderful dog.

So now - you can only guess what we will be doing - Yes, getting a new puppy - but we told the kids we had to wait until spring - because it is to cold right now to train a puppy.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Our newest family member - Lucky!

Brad brought this dog home from his job site. It has been around since Tuesday of this week. He is such a mellow, sweet dog. We are going to take care of him and look for his owner, but so far, there are no takers. We have called the shelters and checked with Animal control. We have a feeling someone abandoned him. We LOVE him!!! Hunter named him Lucky!

He is sound asleep. I am sure he is tired. It has been so cold at night and he has been out wandering - this is the first time in a warm place since Tuesday.

Hunter's Baby - Lucky. He has wanted a Lab since we moved here. We are thinking this puppy is meant to be. Not sure on his age - will take him to a vet in the next couple of days. Right now we are letting him sleep and warm up.
I am so proud of my husband. This was all his idea. I still can't believe he even let him in the house. Bye for now.