Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween and Trick or Treating

Sam - the Fairy Princess.

Hunter - Darth Vader!

Tucker - Larry the Cucumber.
Happy Halloween everyone.
And they are off to Trick or Treat! The weather was great - 62 degrees and barely a breeze.
Look at all the Loot!
The kids had a good time - not a lot of Trick or Treaters out this year. And, I think Hunter is done with Trick or Treating, or at least he said he was this year. We'll see when next year rolls around.
Hope everyone had a fun time on Halloween!

Pumpkin Carvings and Happy Halloween!

Tucker cleaning out the Pumpkin - Last year he did not want to do this. He thought it was Yucky!
This year, he asked to do it and all he said is "My hands dirty"! And, even with a smile!
Notice the Power Tool! Brad decided to get smarter this year with his carving. Hunter working on his Frankenstein design.
Sam is making sure Daddy is doing it right.
Tucker did not like the Noice of the Power Saw - see the hands over his ears. Shortly hereafter, he went to his room, closed the door and watched a movie.
This is one of the best parts of carving pumpkins.
Tucker and his Lion Pumpkin.
Hunter, Chillin with Mr. Frank!
Sammy with Ms. Kitty!

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Curly Que - I Love You!

Sam is so into her hair lately. I find her in front of the mirror often "fixing" her hair. Her new thing is to have it very curly. So we invested in some foam rollers, and she is wanting her hair rolled nightly. I have it down to about 1/2 hour, although it dosen't happen nightly. However, with this glow of happiness, how could I say no.

Back view

Ta-Da! What beautiful results. She loves it!! So adorable.

I wished my hair looked this great. With her birthday soon approaching, it is all about looking like a six year old. She told me just this morning that with her curly hair she looks like a big 6 year old, and when she turns 6 she can do this all by herself.

Curly Que - I love you!!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Saturday was Hunter's last football game for the season. And...............he caught a pass and ran a 60 yard touchdown in the last few minutes of the game. I was so proud!! What an exciting thing for him. This will help his self-confidence so much! I still see him running with all he had, and there was a guy on his tail - I just kept saying, "run baby run". Yeah!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Jerome High School Homecoming Parade

The parade has just begun.

Sam just saw us, and what you don't see is that there are 3 big horses right behind these guys. That stressed out Sam big time. She was a little scared the whole parade of the horses. (So was I, but I didn't tell her that)

She is so...............cute. And notice the curled hair. She had to have her hair "done" for this one! She loved this costume too!

Such a big girl!

After the parade, Sammy decided that she did not want to quit dance afterall. We will see when Tuesday rolls around and it is time to go to dance class.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Teacher Conferences and Report Cards

Hunter's Report card - Awesome! The Teacher had a great report to give on Hunter. He is doing really well.

Tucker's Report Card - I love his teacher. She is so "in-tune" to him and what will work the best for him. She is also so willing to adapt her teaching to him. We are so blessed and so grateful to have her and this school. On the majority of developments, he is right at grade level. Praise God for this!

Samantha's Report Card - Sam's teacher just raved about how well Sam is doing and what a "good, obedient, respectful" girl that she is in class. She is also excelling higher than her peers. Awesome Job, Miss Samantha.

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Tucker in the Haystack Maze

Sam and Tucker at the Top of the Haystack Mountain

Sweet, sweet boy!

Sammy and her pumpkin - it took her awhile to choose this one. She looked and looked and looked..............

Tucker and his pumpkin - This was the 8th Pumpkin he picked up and said, "Want this one!"

Miss "M" and Tucker

Sam crawling out of the Hay Tunner - Notice she is doing the "Army Low Crawl on her elbows! That's my girl.

Sam - walking on the rope bridge at the Obstacle Course.

Playing "Pin the nose on the Pumkin" - oops - or on the Eye.

Tucker walking the Rope Bridge at the Obstacle Course. He actually did really good manipulating this.

So, in all.....This was a very fun field trip. The weather was beautiful - COLD, but beautiful. The kids had a great time.

Dance Performance - Tues. Night

Well, Sam did not make it to the performance. Actually, she made it, but had a very bad tummy ache so she did not perform. This was to be her last performance, as she has decided that she wants to take a break from Dance Class. It is after school on Tuesdays, and with the night performances, it is to much for her. She said that she is To Tired, and it is always a battle to convince her to go. Today she is in the Jerome High School Homecoming parade (the entire town shuts down to watch the parade - bigger turnout then the Fair Parade), so after the parade today - we are on a break. I will post pictures of the parade this weekend.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sam's Dance Performance - The Monster Mash

Sam's Dance Team performed at Jerome High School Football game on Wednesday night. My Camera was totally not working, so I don't have any pictures of the performance itself, but this is her in her costume. They danced to the Song, "Monster Mash". It was very cute. They perform it again next week, so I will get pictures then if my camera decides to work better.
Miss "Skele - Bones" (AKA - Samantha)

This is Skele-Bones being Very........scary! Adorable.

Veggie Tales.......Veggie Tales...........Veggie Tales.......

Larry the Cucumber (AKA - Tucker) cute! I got him this costume for Halloween. He absolutely loves it and doesn't want to take it off. When he is wearing it he has to watch all his Veggie Tales movies and play the part. I love it!!

The Wax Museum

Here are the pictures from the Wax Museum at school yesterday. The kids did so great at Freezing their parts. It was a very fun event. They each had to Pose (Freeze) for 1/2 hour (with position change breaks) while the rest of the school and parents viewed their classroom.
David and Goliath (Hunter is Goliath)

Hunter (Goliath) and his friend.

Goliath after he was slain.

Another pose.

Tucker's class were the "101 Dalmations". The tiniest puppy is his teachers Grandbaby. Oh this was cute.
This is Tucker and Miss "M". She is dressed the part too.
Samantha's class were "The Cat and The Hat Comes Back". They were absolutely adorable!
Little Cat "S".

Another Pose.