Sunday, September 13, 2009

Joe Mama's Car Show - Jerome, ID 082309

They had this car at a car show we attended. Of course it was a great photo op! Now Brad wants to go to the races!!

Samantha's Flower Project

At the beginning of spring - Samantha planted many seeds. Several had to be started over because Hershey ate all the starts. But, we are finally getting a lot of flowers from them - especially the Sunflowers (these were Hershey's favorites to eat). Tonight we picked a bouquet at her request so that everyone could enjoy her flowers. This was very fun to do with her and she was very diligent in caring for them. In a couple of weeks it will be time to say good-bye to the flowers until next year.

White Cosmo

Purple Cosmo

Beautiful Sunflower.

Hershey Photos - 091209

Hershey is getting so big - so fast. He is 5 1/2 months only!
And so stinking cute!! And his Dad is sure smitten with him. (AKA - Brad)

Hershey is drinking from the hose. He LOVES to do this and we use this as a reward for doing good on his walks.

Sammy loves Hershey.

Hershey and Tucker playing.

Tucker does such a good job commanding Hershey! And he loves to play with him. Especially to chase him - Hershey loves that too.

Sammy's Big Girl Bike

Sammy riding her new Big Girl Bike - that Daddy surprised her with.

Still has training wheels. She is just not quite ready to let them go.

Praying Mantis Pics

Look at this Praying Mantis. I found this on the flowers one day. If you look close he /she is eating another bug. Pretty cool to look at and watch!

Birthday Lunch with Idaho Friends

Idaho Friends - Took me to Lunch for my B-day.

Thanks everyone! It was a very nice time and thanks for the awesome gifts too!

Sammy's Black Eye

Sammy's got a shiner!! One day after school she ran into the Coat shelve pretty hard. Her eye was black for about 7 days. One of Hunter's friends told her, when he saw it, that now all the boys would like her because they would think she was cool with a black eye!! So cute and funny!

She also had a big bump on her elbow and the back of her head because when she hit it sent her flying and she landed on her back! I was right there when it happened and so glad, because she cried so........hard!!!

it sure hurt! And, now that I am posting these pictures - Sept 13th - Tucker just slammed the door on Samantha and hit her other eye in the exact same spot but different side. Nice............! And - school pictures are in 2 days.!!! Guess we'll need to pay for a little retouching this year!!

Hunter is Playing Tackle Football

Hunter is playing Tackle Football this year. His team is made up of 5th and 6th Graders. He has games every Monday night and practice for 1 1/2 hours on Tues, Wed, and Friday. So far he is loving it. His first game is September 14, 2009.

Wow!!! He just got his helmet!

Hunter is in Red - off to practice tackling

Participating in the drills. He tries to do his best and gives it his all!! Very proud of him.

Just got his pads - he had to attend 3 practices before he could get his full gear.

He certainly looks older than 10!!! He is currently 5' 2" and weighing in at 108 lbs. He will outgrow me in a few months probably!!

First Day of School - August 25th, 2009

Megan and Tucker - I know he looks so sad. By the time I took this picture he was very confused with what was going on. He looks much happier in the pictures below.

Hunter at his desk - doesn't he look excited!

Sammy at her desk. She is very excited to be at school.

Tucker at school - He is excited too! At least he was the first day.

My three little darlings outside their school on the first day of 2009/2010 school year. Have a great year babies.

At home - just before loading up to leave for school.

Hunter - 5th grade.

Hunter's Cool Shoes - Vans. Purple and Black.

I am ready to go Mom.

Samantha - 1st Grade

Oh she is so sweet!

Tucker - 1st grade.

Look at me - and I have a Transformers Backpack.
So cute!

Hunter Golfing with Dad. - July 29, 2009

Brad took Hunter golfing. He had a great time and now loves the sport. Like Father, Like Son!

Wow - look at that form!

Miles Visit - cont. - Exploring the Canyon

We took Auntie Cole, Jordan and Tyler exploring down in the Canyon and showed them some sites.

This is a statue of Twin Mermaids. While we were here - the Man who sculpted this statue was here making some minor repairs. It was fun to meet him.

A statue at the Twin Falls Visitors Center

Hunter and Tyler coming down the canyon after climbing up a path.

The famous Perrine Bridge. On most days in the Summer you can see Base Jumpers jumping off. It is pretty cool to watch.

These are a bunch of nests that were built by little sparrows along the side of the canyon rocks.

Hunter getting ready to "rock climb" to the top. I don't think he made up because I wouldn't let him climb up that high. I know.......but you all know me.

Not a very clear picture but it is of Hunter, Jordan, Tyler and Sam. Tucker was not with us on this day - he was with Megan.

Tyler and Jordan

Hunter and Jordan

Hunter - Look Mom - I went up really high! And yes, I was having a bit of anxiety watching this climb.

Here they are climbing up.