Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kill Deer Birds

We have found a nest with eggs and a Kill Deer Bird sitting on it. I had never seen or heard of this type of bird, let alone a bird that makes a nest in rocks on the ground and not in the trees. Very cool. Thought we'd share it with you. We will update when they hatch if we can get pictures.
What is really cool is watching this Momma bird protect her nest. If you get to close, she will run off and make a high pitch chirping noise acting as if she is wounded. She tilts to one side and flaps her wing, almost like limping so that you will help her and leave her nest alone. And then out of nowhere, other kill deer birds arrive to help defend the nest. Very cool to watch.

Don't worry friends.

Can you believe this is me? After seeing my neighbor (a woman and a doctor) mowing her lawn, I decided it was time to try this out. I guess this Idaho Country life is changing me. I actually had fun - of course I did not mow as straight as I probably should have according to hubby's standards, but he let me do it anyway. Don't worry Girlfriends, I'm still a city girl at heart!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy 9th Birthday Hunter! April 15th.

We had a quick gift giving to Hunter before we left for Hawaii. He turned 9 years old while we were there.

Hunter, on his 9th Birthday, in Maui. We are at the Luau. He was the only one there that night that had a birthday. The Emcee had everyone sing Happy Birthday to him. How special was that. I can't believe my "little" boy is 9. He is up to my chin in height, and weighs a rock solid 80 lbs.

The best present - a Nintendo DS.

Family Pictures from Hawaii

The Weg Family. Thank you to Dad and Mom (Grandpa and Grandma) for taking us on this wonderful vacation. We had an awesome time and made a lot of great memories.

Our last day in Hawaii.

More Favorite Hawaii Pictures

Sammy's Shells.

Samantha loved all the flowers. This one is Tuba Rose, and it smells wonderful.
Tucker's Sandy Toes.

Hunter Riding a big wave.

More Hawaii Pictures.

Brad, Hunter, and Cousin M riding the waves
Grandpa and Tucker building a sand castle.
My precious little Sand covered girl.
Grandma and Tucker and cousin C in the background.

Tucker buried in the Sand. He loved this and stayed buried for quite a long time.

Playing on the Beaches!

We visited and played on Big Beach, Kihei Beach and Fleming Beach. The kids loved the Sand and the Water and Waves. I actually Boogie Boarded with Hunter and all the other family. It was a lot of fun. Had some great wipeouts from the waves, lots of laughter, and little sunburns. The kids made great sand castles and had so much fun playing with their cousins and grandpa and grandma. What a great vacation we had!
Hunter and I jumping waves.

Tucker and Sam building in the Sand.
Hunter (Right) and cousin G on Left.

Cousin M, Cousin B, Tucker and Sam and Brad. I loved this picture of Tucker Jumping the waves. Look at the air he got! :-)

Hawaii is/was Awesome!

We are home, and Hawaii was awesome, wonderful, fun, and hot!
Here is a picture below of our family at our first Luau! It was fun and the food was great.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Guess where we are going tomorrow!

We are leaving for Maui, Kihei tomorrow AM. We are meeting Brad's family (23 of us) The kids are so excited and this is a huge first, one time only trip. We will post pictures when we get home.

April 9 and still more snow!

Look what we woke up to yesterday. I think Spring is never going to come around here. We had 5 inches by 9:00 am in some areas of town. Fortunately, around 2 pm it warmed up to 42 degrees and it all melted. Oh, and these cows are now in the field behind our house. We love them. They are so fun to watch and there are a lot of baby cows too!

Look at my Wall!!!

I have been wanting to get this wall done since we moved in, but just could not seem to get it done. I am so grateful for Nicole - she layed this out and put it up in 2 hours. Thank you Nicole, I love my wall.

Check this boy out!

I was so shocked that Tucker caught on to this rock climbing wall so quickly. Only 3 tries and he mastered it, and prefers it over the ladder. I am so excited for him to play and to watch him learn to do these everyday kid things. His muscle tone is so low, and his strength is weak - so I am sure that with lots of playtime, he will be one strong man by the end of summer!

Best Friends!

Tyler and Samantha and Hunter and Jordan. We had so much fun with our friends, and thank them so much for visiting. This is just what we needed. We miss you so much already!

Pretty Girls with Pretty Toes and Nails

It is so fun to get pedicures and manicures - and especially so with your bestfriend! These are of Tyler and Samantha.

Our friends are here!!

Our friends Nicole, Jordan and Tyler arrived on Friday, April 4th for a 5 day visit. We are so.............................excited to see them. This picture below is of the 3 girls huddled together at Hunter's Soccer game. It was freezing! The next is of Auntie Cole and Tucker, and the next is warming up in the car during half time at the game.

Hunter Playing Soccer

Hunter is playing Soccer - but with weather cancelling the first game, this is the 2nd game, and we are out of town for the 3rd and 4th game and then the season is over, this is the only game he gets to play. He attended a couple of practices, and seems to enjoy it. We will move up next year and then I think the season is longer. (It is only a 4 week season) It was FREEZING this day too!! And the wind was really BLOWING.

Samantha Did It!

Well, Samantha Did It!! 30 days without a pacifier. We are so..........proud of her. She is very proud of herself to. So, off to shopping we went to get the Hannah Montana Wig and Microphone. When we got to Claire's they were out of the Microphones, so we went to Walmart and they did not have it either. So, I promised Sam I would find it on the internet, and I did, only to learn that it breaks immediate and does not work like they say it should. After a few tears, I convinced her that we should not buy it, and so she chose a couple of toys instead. Whew!! Glad we found out ahead of time that it did not work. She would have been so disappointed.

The "Park" is Ready!

The Park is ready. Just needs a few minor things added, which will be done as soon as we have warm weather again. Great Job Daddy! We love it!