Monday, August 25, 2008

Update - 8/25/08

Hello to all our dear readers and regular checkers of this blog. So sorry to all for the long time between posts and for those of you who reminded me I hadn't updated in so long - thanks for pushing me to do it.

Summer has been very busy - and we have been loving and enjoying our wonderful weather here. School starts tomorrow - yeah (says Mom)!

The kids have grown up so much this summer, and they are tanned and healthy. We stayed sickness free the entire summer. This is a first. Praise God!

Hunter - This summer Hunter took guitar lessons. He only lasted a month, and does not want to pursue it anymore. Right now all he has on his mind is playing football, which starts on September 13th. He seemed to enjoy Guitar - but his teacher was always cancelling and rescheduling his lessons, so I think he found this more frustrating than fun. Maybe we can find another teacher this fall, but for now, he just wants to play sports. So, we are starting with Flag Football, and then he will play Basketball, and then Soccer. He also has grown so much, and matured a bit over the summer. He is excited to return to school.

Samantha - I feel like Samantha has grown a foot taller over the summer. She is still the tiny petite little thing, but much taller. Dancing and singing is her passion. She has become more independent - and will begin Kindergarten. She and Tucker will be separated this year - she is very excited about that.

Tucker - Wow - has he ever grown up. His language is amazing, talking and keeping up with the other kids. He loves his older brother and imitates ALL (some good, some not so good :o)) that Hunter does. He also - drumroll - has been out of diaper/pullups for 2 months now!!! Yes, we still have couple of accidents, but the majority of time he succeeds. He loves it and we bought Big Boy Underwear like Daddy and Hunter. This is a huge accomplishment for him. I am hoping when we go back to school he stays with it.

Mom and Dad - I have gone back to work, started in July. It has been a transition for all of us - me and the kids especially. But I am enjoying having an Adult outlet. Brad is still working very hard, and all the time! He is still loving being here and his job.

So, there is a quick update. Again, sorry for the delay. With the kids going back to school tomorrow, I will have more time to update more often. Love you all!

July 28 - Another Dance Performance

The Jerome County Fair was the Week of July 28th. Samantha was in the big parade to kick off the Fair, as well as performed at the fair. So sweet and so............cute. The parade route was 1 1/2 miles, and it was 95 degrees out. Once again, this little tiny girl walked the entire route. Also, she LOVED her parage costume.

That is Sam up in front of the girls.

Sam - front, far left.

Gabriella - July 08

Samantha wearing her "Gabriella" wig - that she LOVES! (Gabriella is from High School Musical) She puts this wig on, grabs her Microphone, and sings and dances all over the house. I think she looks beautiful.

Sunkissed Twins - July 4, 2008

I Love this Picture - taken after a day of swimming all day!

Swimming at Bass Lake

Tucker Swimming in Bass Lake. Like his little getup? He always asks for this ring, as holding his head up out of the water is difficult for him. at the end of the summer with so much swimming experience over the summer - the ring is no longer needed. He he actually loves not having it. He moves around and tries to swim with so much freedom.

Samantha at Bass Lake. She loves the water and could swim all day!

Hunter in the Blue Swim Shirt - fishing with some friends before a quick swim at Bass Lake. You can catch fish with every cast - and the bait of choice - Hotdogs!! They catch Bass and Blue Gill.

Bass Lake is down in the Snake River Canyon. It is for members of the Blue Lakes Country Club. No we are not members, but some friends of ours are - and they have been so kind to invite us many times with them this summer. Thank you "V" family. We have had so much fun at the Lake.