Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer is Here and We have a new Pool!

I gave in and we got a pool for the kids. It is very cool. I might even get in it. Very cold right now because we just filled it.
Pictures tell you the kids love it!!

Happy Summer Everyone! We love you!

Hershey loves to play with Big Balls.

Hershey is getting bigger

Notice the pink tongue.
He is after Samantha in this Picture.
He got this scar while at his original home. Must have been scratched by a sibling puppy.
Is he the Cutest, Sweetest, Darlingist.........okay okay - but Oh, How we love Hershey!
His Paw's keep growing - I get a little nervous thinking of how big he might get.

More Pics from last day of Kindergarten.

Look Mom - I can do it all by myself.

Tucker - coming down the firepole with Ms. Megan helping

I LOVE this picture. So adorable.


She is missing her two front teeth!!

These were taken at the Last Day of Kindergarten Picnic on Thursday, May 14th.

Boys and BB Guns

The Target!

Daddy and the Boys - they are using my (Sarah's) Dad's BB Gun.
This was the first time Tucker was allowed to shoot. He loved it - I think mostly because Dad and Big Brother were shooting and he always wants to do what they are doing.


Taken yesterday - 5/26.

Tucker with Sunglasses

Tucker has found these glasses and he loves them! And, I love him in them. So Cute!!


Beautiful pictures of rainbows. The top one was taken at 535 pm and the bottom was taken at 720 pm.

Training Wheels are OFF!!! - 4/18/09

Sammy took her training wheels off and she did so good. However, I must report that they are now back on. She never got off the grass with the training wheels off, and she is not quite ready to try it on the road.

Hunter's Award - 5/22/09.

The Shining As Stars Award is presented to Hunter for being a student who chooses to do the right thing. I am very proud of him!
This was also the last day of school! Woo-Hoo!

My Chef's

During a shopping trip at Walmart - Tucker spotted this Apron/hat set hanging on the end of one of the isles. He rarely wants anything thing - but this he had to have. And, can you see why - he is so adorable. I love the expression on his face in this picture.
Tucker and Sam - They sure love one another.

Sammy got dressed up in her Apron and Hat also and the two danced around the kitchen and pretended to cook. Oh so sweet.

Flip Flops Mean Summer is Coming!

Tucker and Sam's Feet sporting their new Summer Flip Flops.
It will be interesting to see if Tucker really wears his. He had them on for a few minutes for these pictures, and I haven't seen them since. But - he had fun picking them out with Samantha. Now - she on the other hand - lives in Flip Flops!!

Happy Mother's Day

Me and my Lovey's! I am such a Lucky Mom!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kindergarten Graduation - May 14, 2009



The twins are now moving on to 1st Grade!! This is so hard to believe. Both are growing up so fast!!!

Our Newest Family Member - Hershey!!

This is the first picture we saw of Hershey. So..............cute!!!

We got Hershey on May 8th, 2009. He is a Chocolate Lab/Weimeraner Mix. We are very smitten with him. Kids love him and so do Brad and I. He is 8 weeks old today (5/26/09) and getting so big so fast. He is a lot of fun.

Easter Sunday - April 12, 2009

Happy Easter - Tucker, Hunter, and Samantha.