Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween All!

Happy Halloween to all of you! Hope it is a fun day!

We are not trick-or-treating this year because it is very cold out and the kids have been sick - so this year, we are hoping to have trick-or-treaters and we will hand out candy. Plus - we have the new Ice Age movie, so we will pop popcorn and hang out at home. This is a surprise - the kids do not know about the movie yet!

Pumpkin Carving 10-30-09

Last night we were finally all well from being sick the last two weeks that we carved pumpkins. Sorry these pictures are out of order. Blogspot is having issues today. Anyway - it was fun and the seeds are yummy!

The happy carvers.

The end result!

Sams, Hunters, and Tuckers.

Daddy trimming up Hunter's Pumpkin Face!
Hunter is helping Sam and she just finished telling him "I love you Big Brother". Oh those moments are so few~
Hunter punching out his pattern.
Hunter and Hershey.
Sammy getting the seed ready for baking. This is hers and my favorite part!

Cleaning out the Pumpkins.

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip - 10/15/09

Tucker at the Pumpkin Patch - Which one do I want?

Sam asleep on the way back to school! Actually - she is faking it so i would take her picture. :o) That is what she told me afterwards.

Tucker and Megan.

These too are such good friends!

1st Graders!

Sam and her friend S holding their pumpkins.

I want this one Mom!

Being Samantha - she had to check out ALL the pumpkins before she could make a choice.
I got mine Mom.
Another Maybe?
Megan and Tucker walking the patch.
Sam and her friends on the way to the patch.
Tucker on the Bus - on the way to the patch. I LOVE his smile and his eyes!!

2009 Wax Museum

The kids school holds a Wax Museum every year in October. The kids and/or classroom dress the part of a favorite character/scene from a book that they have read. Then the entire school spends the morning visiting the other classes as they Pose as Wax figures. It is a lot of fun and the kids really enjoy doing it. The kids and/or parents make all the props as well. I really enjoyed making the props with the kids this year for Hunter and his buddy and for Sam and Tucker's scene.

Hunter and his buddy T were partners. They were characters from the book, "Fourth and Goal". Hunter is #16.

T and Hunter

First Grade - Twins group acting as Animal characters from the Book - "Do Kangaroo's have Mother's too?"
Tucker as a Horse.

Sammy as a Shaggy Dog.

Their group. (Sam and I painted the backdrop with all the grass.)
Another Horse picture. Can you tell he was thrilled?
And another thrilled participant! :o)
They actually did have fun - but they have to pose off and on for 30 minutes and these costumes were very hot and they just wanted to be done!

Bend, OR Visit with the Timmers

On October 1, 2009 Brad and I were able to get away for 4 days to meet Kevin and Stephana Timmer in Bend, Oregon. We had a wonderful, relaxing, no kids weekend. Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for taking care of the kids.

Dinner at the Brickhouse! It is amazing how wonderful food can taste when you can eat it hot, not have to cut up anyones food, and no spills or arguments happen.

Best friends Stephana and Kevin.

Bradley and I

Stephana and I

Brad and Kevin Golfing. We stayed at Eagle Crest Resort. Love it there! The condos are right on the Golf course. Brad was able to get in a couple of games of Golf.

Kevin and Bradley

Jog-A-Thon 2009

The CCS Jog-A-Thon was held September 30th. Because of the below freezing temps and high winds, the Jog-A-Thon was held inside at our local Recreation Center. The kids did great! They all received Ribbons for their participation and Hunter received a Bronze Medal for more than 36 laps in the 1/2 hour time limit. Tucker has 25 laps, Samantha had 33 laps, and Hunter had 39 laps. Thank you so much to all of you who sponsored the kids!!!
Hunter getting his lap card marked off. Yes - that is me to the left! I ran with Hunter for his 1/2 hour.

4th and 5th graders waiting for the "Ready, Set, Go" whistle.

Tucker was very thirsty after his 1/2 hour. He rarely drinks water!

Grandma Weg encouraging Samantha along. Grandpa and Grandma were in town so they were able to be with us at the Jog-A-Thon!

Tucker running his heart out and enjoying it. That is Megan behind him.
"Go, Sammy Go!" Love the look on her face in this picture.
5th Grade Class!
1st Grade Class!